The Low Code Kit platform.


LocoKit is an open source platform that provides Database Management as a Spreadsheet with an App Builder.

Start by representing your model

Create a workspace and define your database structure.

  • Very flexible.
  • Create your tables and link them together.
  • Compatible with relational databases.
  • Fit with most use cases.

Then, complete or edit your data.

Fill in or update your data as a spreadsheet!

  • Easy to use.
  • Allow non-developers to build a light information system.

Manage users and groups permissions

Define permission sets.

  • Set Create/Read/Update/Delete permissions.
  • One permission set per table.

Now you can build your app

With the visual editor, choose how to render your data.

  • Geographical visualization.
  • Organize your content.
  • Create sections and pages.

Who Are We?

Autonomens is a french company that develops software for local authorities and private organizations.

In collaboration with Makina Corpus, we leverage open source software know-how, data analysis and cartographic visualization.